Record with Enrique on your next Album, Single or Demo. His versatility in genres and sounds are geared towards achieving the highest quality in drum tracks. His experience in session work is extensive and his versatility in styles such as Pop, Rock, R&B, Funk, Latin Pop, Salsa, Cumbia, Jazz, Reggae, and many others, will meet your needs in a creative and engaging way to make a product you can be proud of.

Take a listen to some examples below of recordings he has done and the types of grooves he could create for your songs.

in studio.JPG

Here is how you can get 11 high-quality drum tracks for your song:

1. Send me the song

You may send me a scratch track of your song (audio or MIDI is acceptable) and I can do the rest. If you have any specific ideas on how the drum parts should sound like I will implement them as well. I will record with 11 individual drum microphones onto 9 audio tracks: 

  • Bass Drum inside & outside (2 mono tracks) 

  • Snare Drum top (1 mono tracks) 

  • Kick + Snare (1 mono track)

  • Hi Hat (1 mono track) 

  • Rack Tom and Floor Tom (2 mono tracks) 

  • Overheads left & right (1 stereo track) 

  • Room left & right (1 stereo track)

2. I will send you the stems of all the takes

I will send you bounces of the best drum takes in wav. format for you to make a comp with.


UA Apollo 8p, Audient ASP 800, Shure Beta 52, Beta 56A, SM 57, AKG 414s, AKG D112, Warm Audio WA-87, WA-47 Jr


The fee for the recording is on a per-song basis and depends on the budget. Check, Paypal or Venmo accepted.
Please leave a message at on my contact page for further questions.


For sessions at recording studios there is an additional charge for the studio and for the engineer, depending on the budget.
Please leave a message at on my contact page for rates.